CorpActions 2015

The conference takes place on November 24th at South Quay, near Canary Wharf.

We will be continually updating this page with additional discussion content and participants as we approach the event in November. Request PDF or Download PDF

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Morning refreshment and pastries

Meet the exhibitors including product demonstrations and begin networking with your peers from across Europe

Chairman's Welcome

John Kirkpatrick
, Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Servicing, JP Morgan, Chair of ISSA Corporate Actions Working Group

Chairman's Keynote: The Changing Asset Servicing Landscape and ISSA Developments

John Kirkpatrick
, Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Servicing, JP Morgan, Chair of ISSA Corporate Actions Working Group

State Of The Industry: Results of Global Survey On The Automation of Corporate Actions.

    Analysing Corporate Actions automation across the world, leveraging the results of a comprehensive global survey of the corporate actions marketplace recently published by CityIQ and SWIFT.

  • What are the main trends highlighted by the survey results?
  • How should the Corporate Actions data quality issue be addressed?
  • What is the state of ISO adoption?
  • How does this compare with developments across past survey results?
  • What direction is the marketplace following and what does the future look like?
Chris Schaefer, CityIQ (Moderator)
Pierre Colladon, Senior Advisor for Strategy for Market Infrastructure, Société Générale Securities Services
Simon Hughes, Asset Servicing, Legal and General Investment Management
Olivier Connan, Market Manager, Asset Servicing, SWIFT
Christoph Frohner, Senior Consultant, Pre-Sales, SmartStream

Corporate Actions Harmonisation - What will change with T2S?

In this session we look at how the implementation of TARGET2-Securites will change the post-trade infrastructure of Europe. In particular, how the decoupling of settlement and asset servicing will result in a change of framework and the implementation of new services.

- Is T2S a consequence of forums and workgroups such as CSJWG or CASG
- Are we already seeing changes now T2S is live and Wave 1 CSDs have migrated
- Is there a clear model deriving from T2S
- What will be the impact on us (the audience) when T2S is implemented fully
- What will be the opportunities when settling in central bank money
- What is the impact and advantage of being in a T2S world from an asset servicing (connectivity) point of view
- Why will partnering with the dedicated asset servicing provider from the local market will bring a better quality of service
- What about operational risk
- How will this bring better harmonisation and standards to the industry
- Will this happen when the last T2S wave has been implemented
- What should you (the audience) be doing now to prepare

Virginie O’Shea, Senior Consultant, Aite Group (moderator)
Robert Somogyi, Senior Vice President, Clearstream
Franck Michot, Head of Corporate Actions, Custody Operations, BNP Paribas Security Services
Sofie Janssen, T2S Operational Oversight Manager, BNY Mellon

Networking Break with Vendor Demonstrations

Meet the exhibitors and network with your peers

Global Trends In Asset Servicing and Global Impact of T2S

Current challenges & opportunities?    
- What are global players struggling with?  What are their priorities?        
- What standardisation, harmonisation or other initiatives should bear the key focus going forward?
- Which markets are the most burning?
- Current trends: operational efficiency, communication, integration with new media, security

How is Asset Servicing going to be offered in the next 5 to 10 years?  

- How will asset-servicing providers evolve in the new environment?
- How will new service solutions impact the asset servicing business model?
- Re. those new open models emerging, are those new models just an intermediary step or the end-game?

- What are the risks of disruption (e.g. distributed ledger technology) ?
> How could the change be driven by technology?
> How could we re-design the end-to-end process?
- What new strategic relationships and product offerings bridging the CSD world and the custody world are possible?

Strategic considerations if you are considering changing your asset servicing provider  

- how loyal is the market?
- how price sensitive is the market? how important are reciprocity dilemma's and switching costs?
- how fast could those changes happen?

Edwin De Pauw, Director, Head of Product Management Europe, Euroclear
Robin Chisholm, Vice President, Corporate Actions, Blackrock
Philippe Ruault, Head of Clearing, Settlement and Custody Products, BNP Paribas Securities Services
Devesh Gupta, Global Product Head TCS BaNCS Corporate Actions, Tata Consultancy Services, (TCS)
Tom Casteleyn, Managing Director, Head of Product Management for Custody, Cash and Foreign Exchange, Bank of New York Mellon

Proxy Voting and Corporate Governance

- The impact of the European Shareholder’s Directive – Risk and diverse global legal structures
- Issues in the voting chain: deadlines, costs and golden agendas
- 10 Years discussion on vote confirmation
- Voting, transparency and shareholder rights
- And which solutions can we provide?

Dr. Alexander Juschus, General Manager, IVOX GlassLewis (moderator)
Kalina Lazarova , Associate Director, Governance and Sustainable Investment, BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)
Jonathan Smalley, Global Product Management, Citi
George Harris, Project and Business Management, SunGard

Networking Lunch

Meet the exhibitors and network with your peers

Afternoon Keynote: The View From The SMPG

An overview of developing market practice and responding to change in complex global markets.

Bernard Lenelle, SVP, Product Development & Business Strategy, Clearstream; Co-chair SMPG Corporate Actions Working Group; Coordinator,ALMUS Working Group.

Data: Global Strategy and Best Practice

- How has technology changed in the provision of CoAc systems over the last 10-15 years
- What is there that is new?
- How are organisations viewing the significant ramp up in the investment in Fintech especially areas such as block chain?
- Will this change how we could look at corporate actions
- Do Utilities have a place in the new world?
- What could the CA flow look like in 2025?

Justin Chapman, Senior Vice President Global Head of Market Advocacy & Research, Northern Trust
Nat Sey, Head of Product Management, EMEA, Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd.
Adam Stern, Managing Director, IBACAS Consultancy
James Zorab, CEO, The Ascent Group
Simon Bennett, Independent Consultant

Networking Break with Vendor Demonstrations
Afternoon refreshment and pastries

Presentation: Taxation and Asset Services
Mariano Giralt, Global Head of Tax Services, Managing Director and BNY Mellon EMEA Operating Committee, BNY Mellon.

New! All-Stars Open Session
Delegate Generated Issues: Audience Issues Answered By Some Of Our Most Senior Speakers

This session is a response to attendee requests regarding having an open end-of-day format, in which those who have registered can ask of our specialists about specific issues or attitudes in the marketplace that may not have been covered in the general programme. This will primarily be via pre-event requests as well as a show of hands on the day. This session promises to really enable you to engage with the community and leave with good solid approaches to take back to the office.

Some of the areas we will be discussing that have already been submitted, include:

- Increase usage of reporting and analytics
- What’s driving the need to improve data quality?
- Market consistency and custodian consistency
- Standardised templates
- The role of third-party platforms
- How to speed up market reforms agreed upon by working groups
- Taxation issues for Investment Managers

Eddie Heaton, Managing Director, International Securities Services Magazine (moderator)
John Kirkpatrick
, Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Servicing, JP Morgan, Chair of ISSA Corporate Actions Working Group
Pierre Colladon, Head Strategy and Market Infrastrutures, Société Générale Securities Services
Colin Webb, Senior Manager, Corporate Actions, Investment Services & Fund Accounting, Fidelity Worldwide Investments
Quinnie Luong, Senior Product Manager, Fidelity Actions Xchange

Chairman's Closing Remarks

John Kirkpatrick, Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Servicing, JP Morgan, Chair of ISSA Corporate Actions Working Group